Pressure Washer:


MAX FLOW RATE: 720 (LT/hr)

Working Pressure: 100 BAR

run time: 9-10hr/day (recommended)


The EAGLE 10012-Ultimate is the ultimate pressure washer for long running daily usage. 

  • Painted frame made of thick metal sheet, equipped with 4 wheels of large diameter
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Reinforced polyethylene gas oil tank into the machine line
  • Interpump in-line pump with three ceramic pistons, brass head, crank system 1400RPM motor Independent pressure regulator
  • Automatic and programmable total stop system
  • 24V electrical system
  • High sensitivity thermostat with direct immersion bulb and constant temperature control


The below accessories come with the machine as standard.

10m Hose

Gun + Handle

70cm Curved extension

inox nozzle

joint mvg06 3/8" f revolving part


Technical specifications for EAGLE 10012-ULTIMATE

1400rpm pump & motor

20mm diameter coil

24v electrical system

user protection total stop

flame failure control

dry running control

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