Sweep WIDTH: 620mm

Waste tank: 40L

run time: 90min Battery/ unlimited engine


The 62BS & ES are great compact power sweepers, we find that the Honda engine machine is usually selected for yards and outside work whilst the battery machine tends to be for warehouses and distribution centers. Both machines are hand built to ensure quality and consistency within the product. 

The EAGLE 62BS & 62ES sweeper’s can be used for cleaning both indoor and outdoor environments such as garages, driveways, warehouses and car parks up to 3700 mq/h. Easy to handle, equipped with electric filter cleaning and mechanical traction

The EAGLE Sweepers provide high performance, efficient, robust and reliable sweepers, easy to maintain and long lasting.

The 62BS & 62ES are ideal for:

  • Aeroplane Hangers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Corridors
  • Warehouses
  • Large Workshops
  • Carparks 


Technical specifications for EAGLE 62BS & 62ES Sweeper

sweep width: 620mm

waste tank: 40l

power: battery/ engine

run time: 90min battery/ unlimited engine

Net Weight: 94kg

Dimensions(mm): 1280 x 620 x 950

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