Industrial Steam cleaner:


MAX steam FLOW-RATE: 40 (kg/hr)

Working Pressure: 9 BAR



The EAGLE PURESTEAM steamer machine to allows the use of detergents with the 180’c steam, designed to deliver all the power of the pure steam with the added feature of chemical injection to the steam flow.

A membrane pump infuses the outgoing steam flow with detergent, allowing for effective chewing gum and heavy duty dirt removal. 

The EAGLE PURESTEAM is highly adaptable for more users simultaneously. It is supplied with two steam outlets to allow two independent operators to work at the same time. By the use of a kit splitter (optional) allowing up to 4 operators.

Suggested application fields:

  • Mobile Car Washing or Washing Station
  • Repair Workshop
  • Gum and Graffiti Removal
  • Industrial Machine and Tools Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Sports equipment and Places
  • Cleaning of Rooms and Equipment for Animals
  • Urban Weeding
  • Food Industries


The below accessories come with the machine as standard.

teflon nozzle

steam gun with swivel connector

10m steam hose


Technical specifications for EAGLE PURESTEAM steam cleaner.

pressure: 9 bar

steam flow: 40kg/hr

working hours: 8hrs/day

chemical application: yes

pump type: long life

steam temperature: 180 (°C)

Heating time: 4minutes (approx.)

valves: stainless steel

boiler: large water jacket

auto diagnosis: yes

thermostat: yes

on board chemical tank: yes

on board diesel tank: yes

outputs: twin(4 users max)

chemical tank: yes

voltage: 240v

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