three in one steamer:


max water temperature: 180°C

recovery tank: 15l

run time: 8hrs/day


The EAGLE Vortex is the only machine that adds to the steam spray the suction function without the use of an additional vacuum cleaner, thanks to the Venturi principle. Electrical motors, filters or other items of the traditional vacuuming are not necessary.

  • combined steam injection and suction allows it to remove every kind of dirt from any surface
  • It can be used at the same time by 3 operators, connected to three independent steam outlets, allowing to wash, vacuum, degrease without any power drop or interference
  • All dirt is removed by the heat of the steam and immediately sucked up in the recovery bin in the rear of the machine
  • It is equipped with a detergent tank, fixed in the side of the machine
  • Heating time before use: 5 min.
  • In case of absence of electricity network, the machine can be powered by a small generator


Technical specifications for EAGLE VORTEX Steam Cleaner

Working Pressure: 9 bar

electrical supply volt/phase/hz: 230/1/50

Absorbed power: 0.5kw

water tank: 25l

detergent tank: 8l

recovery tank: 15l

steam outlets (nr): 3

max boiler temperature: 220°C

Max water temperature: 180°C

deisel tank: 20l

max vacuum (mbar): 165

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