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Without dust collector and side broom, it serves as a “free sweeper” for sweeping up larger quantities of refuse, sand or leaves. With side broom, the 65PS reaches down into the last corner and into every edge. With side broom and dust collector, the 65PS collects the swept up dirt at once: ideal for sand, grit, pine needles and daily dirt.


A sweeper that picks up everything from flat paper to cans! EAGLE’s 80PS sweeper has two main brooms, enabling the machine to work more effectively than single roller systems. The two front side brushes sweep debris into the path of the two main brushes which then work together using the overthrow principle - filling the hopper up to 75%.


The 120BRS is a user friendly and extremely robust ride on sweeper that it is capable of cleaning huge areas at an extremely efficient rate all whilst keeping dust down to a minimum!


Suitable for for cleaning both indoor and outdoor environments such as garages, driveways, warehouses and car parks up to 3700 mq/h. Easy to handle, equipped with electric filter cleaning and mechanical traction.

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